What is it

Modavote is more than a new hype website. Modavote is an online platform, where people from all around the world can post their best lookevery day and share them on their social network. Friends and followers can then vote for the best pictures and help them winning every daywonderful prizes!

  • Mac
  • iPad

How to add a picture?

  • When you're on Modavote's homepage, you can see a 'add a picture' button on the top, to the right.
  • You can then choose a picture from your computer, from your Facebook gallery, or a picture already hosted on any website.
  • You can add as many pictures as you want. They may be of yourself or of someone else. Every picture must be free of rights.
  • Careful, your picture can't exceed 10MB, its size must be at least 670 x 670 and has to be in a jpg format.
  • You must then choose to resize it, and add details such as a title and hashtags.
    These details are required to validate the publication of your picture.
  • You can also choose a range of colours, and the style of your picture.

Here we are, your picture is online on Modavote!

How to share my picture?

You just need to click on 'share' under your picture, and follow the instructions for each network : Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, Pinterest, Twitter, Blogger, Google+, Wordpress etc.

You can obviously share it as much as you want and on every social network you're using
Solicit your friends to vote for you, it's the best way to win many prizes.

Create your network of followers to increase quickly the number of votes on your pictures

How to vote for someone

You just need to click on 'vote' under the picture you want.
You can only vote once a day for each look, but you can vote every day! You can also vote for your own pictures

How to win prizes ?

There are various ways to receive gifts

Our favorite

Every day of the week, we pick one look as our favorite.
You just need to publish your best look everyday to get more chances to win, then!

The top votes

Every month, the Modavote member whose picture was most voted wins a gift!

The top user

Every month, the most active member according to his/her activity on Modavote wins a gift.

Temporary contests

You just need to get the bigger amount of votes on a picture during the event. This one must be publicated between the beginning and the end of the event.